Over the past 12 years ksubi has evolved into one of the most notorious and recognizable fashion brands in the world.
Undeniably one of the most famous Australian brands in the international marketplace, ksubi has built a significant presence and cult following along the way.  Ideas, individuality, and authenticity have developed ksubi into a tangible subculture; one that encompasses all that is fashion, art, and music.  Remaining uninfluenced by consumer trends, choosing instead to set its own agenda, the social commentary that originates from ksubi is as relevant and thought provoking as ever.  Whether it be their numerous conceptual feats, topical fashion aesthetic,  or signature denim, the boys behind ksubi have already inspired one generation and is well on the way to inspiring another.

KSUBI Chitch (Philly Blue)
KSUBI Chitch (Philly Blue) Sold Out - $215.00
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KSUBI Chitch Chop (Punk Pin)
KSUBI Chitch Chop (Punk Pin) $320.00
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